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P&C News

2021 Committee Members


Vice-President: Amy Ferrier

Treasurer: Coralee Young  

Secretary: Katherine Wilton           

Please contact us for further information

Please note that P&C meetings are Tuesdays of weeks 4 and 9 in each term.

7pm in the Staffroom.

All are welcome!


EHPS P&C Association Positions

The EHPS P&C aims to hold a community member in a few executive positions to enable the P&C and the school community to work together to provide what is best for the school. The P&C's goal is to work collaboratively with the school executive and staff to understand the workings of the school and to provide a platform for the community to communicate with the school.

Please find a brief description of the general positions of the EHPS P&C and what they mean. Having a Vice President is a real advantage however, it is not a mandatory position.



➢ Responsible for the running of meetings, generally run on the 4th & 9th Tuesday of each term.

➢ Works with the school executive and staff to support the schools needs and the decision-making processes.

➢ Encouraging the community to be involved in the school and to join in at the P&C meetings

➢ To work with all other executive members of the P&C and its sub committees

➢ To be a signatory on P&C bank accounts (2 signatures required for all transactions)

➢ Can collect incoming correspondence

➢ Assist in the running of events

- ensure 'notice of event' insurance forms are filled in and submitted

- ensure that all correspondence from the P&C is approved by the school and the committee

- assist with the development of notes or correspondence if needed


Vice President

➢ Assisting with the running of P&C general meetings if required eg if President is unavailable

➢ Working with the President and the school executive/staff

➢ Assisting the president or other executive members

➢ Possible signatory for bank accounts

➢ Can collect incoming correspondence



➢ Provide Agenda, previous minutes, and take notes for the meeting minutes

➢ Forward meeting minutes to school for advertising to the P&C financial members

➢ Can collect incoming correspondence

➢ Possible signatory for bank accounts



➢ Deposit money, maintain records, draws cheques etc

➢ Provides a report on accounts status

➢ Arrange audits


Carnival Co-ordinator

➢ Manage meetings to create a carnival committee for upcoming carnival

- set carnival date

- arrange carnival stalls etc

- roster helpers

➢ Liaise with school executive

➢ Report updates to P&C meetings

Social/fundraising Committee Co-ordinator

➢ To co-ordinate a committee of a few community members to come up with ideas for social and fundraising events

- Work within the school calendar for dates of events

- Provide information for the insurance forms etc.


For more information, please contact Amy Ferrier or Katherine Wilton or check out

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